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Whether you are currently studying one of our courses or thinking of doing so, we hope the following feedback and information gives you inspiration when deciding on your future study plans.
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Yoga training from BSY

You, like many of the people who contact us at BSY – whether by phone, email or post – may be interested to learn what people think of our Yoga training.  The feedback we have received from our students can give you a helpful insight into what studying with BSY may be like for you too.

Judy Worrell shared some useful feedback on her experiences of studying with BSY.  She commented that ‘I am interested in Yoga and thought I could fit this course around other commitments.  I thought the price and being able to pay in instalments more amenable to my circumstances.’  Judy commented that she has been most happy with ‘the course content and the positive feedback.  I enjoy not having deadlines – it gives me more time for meaningful and in depth reading and study.’  Judy feels that the course might help her in the future to ‘integrate Yoga practice and theory within my role as a counsellor and stress management trainer’.  Judy would say to others who might wish to study with BSY, ‘go for it and enjoy the experience’.  Judy agreed that she ‘would recommend BSY to a friend’ and ‘BSY courses are excellent value for money’.

Karen Poucher also studied with BSY.  She was motivated to study with BSY as ‘I believe there is so much in this world to learn about and I enjoy taking advantage of courses from BSY.  My family benefit from them also!’  Karen feels that the ones she has taken are ‘fantastic’.  Karen explained that ‘the service I received was excellent.  I’m loving doing the Children’s Yoga course and watching the benefits in my children.  They are very aware of their postures and love it.  This makes me very happy.’

Alison Wileman chose to take our Yoga training because she was keen to teach the subject to others.  She chose to study with BSY as ‘it suited my needs – length of time and flexible study option’.  Alison shared with us that she had been most happy with the ‘efficiency of paperwork and increase of my knowledge’.  Studying with BSY inspired or led to a change in her career as she is now a Yoga teacher.  In the future she may be interested in other BSY subjects too.  Alison agreed ‘studying with BSY is enjoyable’ and that ‘the BSY course advisors are helpful’.

More information is available by visiting our Yoga training web page.  This gives details of the range of subjects you can study with us. You can also call our friendly advisors for advice and to answer any questions you may have.  Please call Freephone 0800 731 9271 or 01409 220 400.

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Comments about BSY reflexology course and Yoga courses…

Whether you’re interested in a reflexology course, yoga course, or other home study courses, it can be useful to read the opinions of those who have taken a similar path.  We have received feedback from two of our family of students who have chosen to study with us and thought it would help to share their opinions with you.

Paula Smith has chosen to enrol on the pre- and post-natal Yoga teacher course.  She decided on this Yoga course as she is ‘already a Yoga teacher, qualified through BSY.  I have taught a number of pregnant students and thought that they would benefit more from a course specifically geared to their needs.’  Paula chose to study with BSY as ‘it lets me study to my own timetable, of great benefit when working.  Also the tutors are only a phone call away.  Payment in instalments is also a bonus!’  Thinking about her pre- and post-natal Yoga course, Paula felt it may help her to ‘practice Yoga for pre- and post-natal students, with confidence and a comprehensive knowledge of their needs and abilities’.  Paula’s advice to others is that ‘I would thoroughly recommend studying with BSY.  All of my courses have been extremely informative and enjoyable to do.  I can honestly say that studying with BSY has changed my life.  I am now offering several Yoga classes a week and am able to offer Yoga therapy to students who need individual attention.’

Elizabeth Biggs decided to take the BSY reflexology course.  She chose this course after ‘having read into reflexology I found an interest.  During my late husband’s illness I found that rubbing certain parts of his feet relieved the pain.’  Elizabeth explained that she decided to study her reflexology course with BSY as ‘I went on the internet and your college came up… After reading about you, I decided that you would be my choice.’  Thinking about her reflexology course, she has been most happy with ‘…the knowledge that I have gained and, after my final exam and practical, hope to put into practice.’  In the future, the course may help Elizabeth to ‘be able to reduce my hours in my present job as it involves a lot of travelling, and combine it with reflexology’.  The advice Elizabeth would give to those thinking of studying with BSY is to ‘go for it.  When I first called you I received all the help I could have asked for – and any problems you dealt with them immediately in a very helpful manner.  And you also have a large choice of courses to choose from.’ You can learn more about our reflexology course or Yoga course by calling our course advisors on Freephone 0800 731 9271 or 01409 220 400.

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Comments about BSY Yoga courses

If you are thinking of studying Yoga courses with BSY then you could choose the Yoga Teacher (Hatha Yoga) course, Yoga Therapy course, and many more.

We have asked some of our Yoga course students for feedback on their particular course so that others may be encouraged or inspired to develop their interest in Yoga too.

Rayanne Ordette chose the Yoga Teacher (Hatha Yoga) course as ‘I have a love for Yoga and really wanted it to be a part of my professional life’.  Rayanne explained that she chose to take her Yoga course with BSY as ‘it was highly recommended, and when I enquired, staff were extremely helpful and informative’.  She has been most happy with ‘the turn around time for marking’.  Rayanne indicated that studying with BSY had inspired a change in her career.  Since studying with BSY, she has become a ‘part-time Yoga teacher’.  The advice she would give others who are thinking of studying with OLCI would be ‘take the plunge and go for it!  You won’t regret it.  Be re-assured by the fact that you are studying towards an accredited qualification from a respected training provider which you will, in no doubt, enjoy and wish you had done sooner.’

Saira Francis decided to enrol on the Yoga Teacher (Hatha Yoga) course.  Saira chose this as she would like to ‘begin teaching Yoga at my retreat centre and have more knowledge in the subject’.  Saira decided to study the Yoga course with BSY because of the ‘affordability, convenience and ease of study as I am a single mum of 3’.  She explained that she has been most happy with ‘how simple the process is.  I am enjoying the lessons and love studying.’  Saira would say to others who may be thinking of studying with BSY ‘definitely do it.  It’s a great way to get started.’

Laura Lowther chose the Yoga Teacher (Hatha Yoga) course as ‘it followed the 2 part intermediate courses and the teaching course will hopefully help me reach my ambition of teaching Yoga’.  Laura chose to study with BSY because of the ‘friendly, flexible approach to home study…’  She said that she has been most happy with ‘the sense of satisfaction and progress I feel when completing the assignments’.  Laura would ‘like to eventually teach Yoga, starting with a beginners class’.  Laura agrees that ‘studying with BSY is enjoyable’ and that ‘BSY courses are excellent value for money’. If you would like more information about BSY Yoga courses, please click on the link to visit the Yoga course information on the website.  If you would like to speak with a course advisor or learn more about our wide range of courses in fascinating subjects, please call Freephone 0800 731 9271 or 01409 220 400.

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