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The wide range of Beauty Courses to chose from with BSY

BSY has a wide variety of Beauty Courses available for our students to choose from, ranging from Practitioner level courses, through Professional Development to Personal Achievement courses.  Which you decide to study will depend greatly on what you want to achieve.  Do you want a qualification which will enable you to become self employed and run your own Beauty business – maybe you want to open your own treatment room, or maybe you would prefer to give treatments to your clients in their own home?  Or maybe you want to add to your existing skills, bringing an extra dimension to your existing business?  Perhaps you are already a qualified Beauty Specialist and have decided that you would like to specialise as a Make-up Artist.   Or maybe you want the quiet satisfaction of understanding more about how to look after your own skin, knowing which body treatments would be best for you, and benefit from knowing how to apply your make-up to look your best. Whatever your reasons, BSY has a Beauty Course to suit you.

Stephanie Dobson is a great example of someone who has her own business and has decided that she wants to be able to provide an increased range of services to her clients, which will enable her to further her career.  She has recently studied BSY’s Beauty Specialist course.  She said, “I want to expand my current hairdressing business offering extra services to my clients.” She added that she chose to study with BSY because it is very flexible, and the reviews were good.  Since enrolling, she has been particularly happy with the quick marking of her question papers, and said that she had found the lessons easy to follow.  To anyone considering studying with BSY, she has this to say:  “I would say it’s great if like myself you are juggling small children plus your work, as it’s so flexible with no time scales.  You can study at your leisure, which is great.  The advisors have been great when I have called.”

Dalia Mateus has been inspired to change her career after studying BSY’s Beauty Specialist Course, together with Indian Head Massage, Spiritual Coaching and Professional Spiritual Healing.  In addition to these qualifications, in future she said that she would be interested in studying other subjects, for example Manicure and also continuing to study Professional Spiritual Healing.  All of her studying is leading her to her goal of changing her career to one in Holistic Therapy.

To find out more about BSY’s Beauty Courses, click here or call Freephone 0800 731 9271 and speak to our knowledgeable tutors.

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Beauty Training helps students find new career direction

Looking forward to qualifying after Beauty training can often mean a total change of direction for BSY students, giving them an opportunity to carve out a career and to gain real job satisfaction.

Sharon Rosewarne decided to study Manicure and Pedicure with BSY as she wants to become a Nail Technician.  She had previously studied Hopi Ear Candling, Psychic Development and Regression & Hypno-Analysis, so was already aware that studying with BSY is “convenient and I am able to study at my own pace.”  She sees her future career being in Beauty when she has finished training, and she would also like to study the subject further.  She commented that she found studying with BSY convenient and she is able to study at her own pace.  She said that she has been happy with everything about her course – “it is fabulous!”

Prior to studying Manicure and Pedicure with BSY, Polly Rogers had also gained BSY qualifications in Tarot, Weight Consultancy and Iridology.  She chose BSY as she has two young children and finds that she can study at her own pace without being greatly pressured.  She also finds time to read around the subject further.   She said that she has been happy with the efficient return of her assignments and the helpful and supportive comments she received.  “All the team have been pleasant, helpful and supportive too.”  Now that her children are growing up, Polly would like to further her training and take the BSY Specialist Foot Care Course.  Her advice to someone thinking of studying with BSY is to “go for it, you won’t be disappointed.  You will be surprised at yourself and all the team are fab.”

Zita Reinach chose Beauty training with BSY because she has always been inspired by all things related to beauty.  She enrolled on the Beauty Specialist course, and said that this gave her the opportunity to realise her dream.  She has found learning about skin structure and function, and how to perform a facial particularly useful.  She has also found that studying with BSY helps her improve her English, which is her second language.  Having originally applied for jobs cleaning and working in shops, Zita has started her change of career, and her ultimate ambition is to open her own beauty salon.  She says that she would like to take her Beauty training to the next level and to study aromatherapy, massage and Indian Head massage.  She commented that the terms of payment for BSY courses are flexible, the price is affordable, and that the courses are convenient and enjoyable – “they don’t stress you”!

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Some of the things that our students say about BSY beauty therapy courses and more

BSY students enrol with us for many different reasons.  Sometimes it is so that they can use their skills to earn a living.  Or maybe they have a thirst to increase their knowledge on a certain subject.  Perhaps it is for both reasons.

Lynn Crookes is a very good example of this.  She decided to study Acupressure/Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy both because she wanted a change of career and also because she had injured her back and thought that it would help her with pain management, give her a better understanding of what had happened and help her deal with it.  She said she has learnt so much about Traditional Chinese Medicine and how the body works, and hopes to set up her own practice to help others.

Lesley Rosslyn enrolled on the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy course as she has always been interested in CBT and has used it to a degree within her own therapy practice.  She wanted to be able to offer CBT to her clients as an accredited practitioner and felt that it would help her change direction in the way that she works with her clients and enable her to offer her clients a far better service,   She commented that she chose to study with BSY because she liked the idea of distance learning, as opposed to travelling long distances and sitting in uncomfortable lecture rooms.  She said that she was happy with the way the method of study, reading and answering questions enabled her to discover so much about the subject, as each question she answered encouraged her to research the answer through other sources, in addition to using the BSY material.

Good reviews and affordability were factors that helped Emma Payne choose the BSY Beauty Specialist and Beauty Therapy courses, combined with the fact that she would be able to study over a longer period.  She said, “I would like to improve on my knowledge of the Health and Beauty industry and treatments available, and the reasons why people have them.”  She was particularly happy with the feedback she received from her tutor while she was studying her Beauty specialist and Beauty Therapy courses, and said that she would advise anyone considering studying with BSY to keep to their lesson plan, and make use of other resources when answering the questions, plus use plenty of visual aids in their answers.

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