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Foot Care Training courses help students to achieve their ambitions

Foot Care Training enables BSY students to fulfil a vital role.  We tend to take our feet for granted until we have a problem, and then we urgently need to find someone qualified to help us.

Alecz Mullany-Sversepa first discovered that she was naturally good with feet when she was providing therapies for people with terminal cancer.  She said that she would often end the treatments ‘fixing’ feet so she decided to broaden her knowledge of current techniques and obtain a qualification for a subject that she intuitively understood.  She chose BSY’s Foot Care Training because it was a convenient way for her to learn, “especially as I was in between countries.”  She added, “I liked the website and it seemed a reputable company.  As I had never done correspondence learning before this was a big factor.”  To anyone considering studying with BSY, her advice would be to “do it!  It will change your life.  If I can do it – you can do it.”    Proof of this is that she would like to study foot care further as it has helped her focus on what is important.  To this end, in future she might study Advanced Foot Care, and also Biochemic Medicine, Health Care (Primary Nursing), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and also Nail Technician.

Another BSY student who wants to pursue a career in foot care is Victoria Allen.  She enrolled on the Foot Care Specialist course because she wanted to take a new direction career-wise, and she also wanted to remain self employed.  She chose the course because it looked really interesting, and said that this has proved to be the case.  She added that being a Foot Care Specialist is a sociable job as you get to chat with clients.  She said that she chose to study with BSY because they, “had the course I was looking for and after researching BSY found that they are a very reputable company.”  She has been very happy with the amount that she has learnt since starting her training.  She commented that it has been a long time since she studied, and that she had been worried her brain had gone to mush.  “Apparently not!” she added.  She hopes in the future to become self employed, once she has finished her training, which will be a change of career for her.  She would also like to study Reflexology in the future, which would complement her current course.  Finally, her advice to anyone considering studying with BSY would be that they should be prepared to learn a lot and enjoy it!

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Students studying Foot Care courses put their skills to good use

BSY Foot Care Courses are popular with students for a variety of reasons.   For example, some people want to work with the ill and elderly, while others plan to use their qualifications alongside other skills such as massage and aromatherapy.

Debora Giffen decided that as a hospital based nurse she saw a number of patients with appallingly looked after feet, especially toe nails.  She said that she felt that there was an outlet for toe nail cutting at the very minimum.  Debora chose a BSY Foot Care Course as it was the most appropriate for her needs and said that one of the things that she was most happy about was the fact that, ”help is only a phone call away and no 0845 numbers!”    She hopes that her studies will lead to her setting up as a mobile foot care nurse.  She said that she would also like to study Reflexology in the future.

A student who sees his future very much running his own spa business is Barrie Reis-Seymour.  He has already studied Acupressure, Nutritional Therapy, Massage and Aromatherapy with BSY.  He said that he chose these as they were the ideal additions to his skills and qualifications, and he feels that his Foot Care course promised to cover everything he was looking for.  He chose BSY as they seemed secure with a well established and well respected reputation.  He added that the terrific course options, and content, pace and support are perfect.  He plans to start practising as a Beauty and Foot Therapist and begin building his clientele.   He is planning to study Ear Candling, Crystal Healing and Reiki in the future.  To anyone thinking about studying with BSY, he said that they should ensure that they approach it with a certain level of self commitment, and recommends making time to study alone.  He also suggested that additional research and cross referencing can be useful.

Annie Deegan said that she chose her course because there is a shortage of practitioners nationally.  She researched other home study colleges, and found BSY to be among the cheapest and by far the most helpful.  After completing her studies, she said that she will definitely be able to set up her own business and it has inspired a change in her career.  She would advise anyone thinking of studying with BST to “take the plunge, you will enjoy it – I did!  Not only will you enjoy learning at your own pace but you will be put in “good stead” for a career and an additional earning potential.

To find out more about BSY Foot Care courses, click here to look at our website, or call us on Freephone 0800 731 9271 to speak to one of our knowledgeable tutors.

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