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Is yoga going to become part of physical education in schools?

In recent years there has been much research into the benefits of all types of yoga but now American research is looking at how to bring yoga into the school sports curriculum and it suggests that yoga will have a calming influence on children and adolescents and therefore facilitate learning. This current research also shows that yoga can help young children control their emotions and behaviour.

Yoga continues to grow in popularity within the UK and many secondary schools do already offer yoga as a physical education options for older children. Perhaps we will see yoga being included in the mainstream curriculum for all our children in the near future!

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Choosing a BSY Yoga Course

If you are looking for a Yoga Course, BSY has a great variety to choose from, ranging from practitioner level through to professional development and personal achievement courses.

Rayanne Ordette studied to be a Hatha Yoga Teacher.  She said that she really has a love for her subject and wanted it to be a part of her professional life. She has been successful in her aim, and since completing her training Rayanne has started teaching part-time.  She said that she chose to study with BSY because it was highly recommended, and when she enquired staff were extremely helpful and informative.  She was also impressed by the turnaround time for marking assignments.  Her ambition is to open up her own dream holistic centre, incorporating yoga  with meditation, massage, relaxation and healthy food.  With this objective in mind, in future she would like to study Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Vegetarian and Vegan Nutritional Therapy, Pilates and Massage.  Her advice to anyone who may be thinking of studying with BSY is, “Take the plunge and go for it!  You won’t regret it.”  She added that they would be studying for a qualification from a respected training provider, “which you will, in no doubt, enjoy and wish you had done sooner.”

Samantha Eardley is studying not one Yoga Course, but two!  She said that she chose them because they were accessible and affordable.  She commented that the high standard of information allowed her to gain qualifications for advancement in her job, and developed her understanding at a deeper level.  Previously, she had studied Pilates with BSY, and said that she chose BSY because of the affordable, high standard of information, with no deadlines.  She added that BSY was the best quality in comparison to other distance learning courses.  She also liked the fact that the courses don’t involve travel or study in classes.   She hopes that her training will help her to advance her knowledge so that she can pass it on to her students, and enable her to be seen as more professional, with more job advancement.   It has already led to a change in career for her – she is now a teacher at her local leisure centre.  In future, Samantha would like to take the Children’s Yoga Course, and also study her subject at Intermediate level.  When asked what advice she would give to someone who may be thinking of studying with BSY, she said that she had already given advice to her manager at work.  She added that they should contact a BSY advisor.

If you would like to find out more about studying a Yoga Course with BSY, why not speak to our tutors.  Call 0800 731 9271, or visit our website

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The many reasons that BSY students choose to study Yoga courses and other subjects with us.

If you ask any of our students why they chose to study Yoga courses with BSY, you will probably find that there are as many reasons as students.

For example, Bethan Buchanan is studying to the Hatha Yoga Course so she can become a teacher.  She is already a qualified teacher from South Africa, and as she hasn’t taught for a few years she thought that it would be a good way to refresh her knowledge.  Previously, she had also studied BSY’s Holistic Healing for Animals and said that she chose to study a BSY Yoga Course as, “it’s a very convenient way to study and the scope offered is very interesting – I would eventually like to study most of them.”  What impressed her most was the feedback from the tutors, who she described as “knowledgeable and direct.”  She hopes that her studies will help her follow her dream of teaching her chosen subject and to live the life she plans to live, working from home.  In the future she would like to study similar subjects with BSY, and perhaps also Colour Therapy, Dog Obedience Trainer and Creative Writing.  Her advice to anyone who is considering studying with BSY is to think very carefully about which subject to do.

Jean Burton decided to study Effective Public Speaking when she started to take on more of a management role in her job, which involved speaking in front of between ten and fifteen of her colleagues, and sometime to a wider audience.  She said that she chose to study with BSY because of the range of choice and the fact that the prices were reasonable.  She commented that the questions have really made her study her notes and tested her knowledge and understanding of the subject.  She thinks that it would help her in the future if she expanded on the notes with the help of other sources of information, such as the internet.  When she has finished studying Effective Public Speaking, she plans to study Basic Clinical Sciences (which she has already enrolled on) and Project and Team Management.  When asked what advice she would give to someone who may be thinking of studying with BSY, she suggested highlighting or underlining the key points in notes.  She commented that students can ring their tutor for advice, and pointed out that ‘you get out what you put in’.

Sandra Haines is studying Advanced Meditation as it is something she practices and finds very beneficial, so would like to run her own classes.  She thinks that her course will help her to achieve this, and also to set up meditation workshops. She has been impressed by the prompt marking of assignments and the great help that she has had with her lessons.  She commented that she wished she had studied with BSY earlier as she has found it so enjoyable.

You can find out more about BSY Yoga courses from our website by clicking here for more information. Alternatively, call our knowledgeable tutors and advisors on Freephone 0800 731 9271

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