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Whether you are currently studying one of our courses or thinking of doing so, we hope the following feedback and information gives you inspiration when deciding on your future study plans.
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The many benefits discovered by BSY students learning about Fitness Training

Learning about Fitness training not only leads to BSY students qualifying to help other people, but also gives them the knowledge to look after their own fitness needs.

Jonathon Knight said that he is hugely passionate about sports and fitness, and wanted to turn his passion into a career.  He said, “to be able to do a job that I love, to be able to turn your most treasured hobby into a career is simply amazing.”  He had previously studies Personal Training, Gym Instructor and Sports Injuries with BSY.  He said that he chose BSY because they were a reputable company with an excellent record, and provide fantastic customer service and tutorial help and advice, as well as providing clear, informative and easy to understand courses.  When asked what he had been most happy about with his recent course, he replied, “all of it. I simply can’t find any fault with any of the courses that I have studied.”  In the future he wants to progress into a career and industry which he really wants to get involved with.  He has in fact already started his change of career direction.  Since studying with BSY he has moved into Gym Instructing.  To anyone thinking of studying with BSY, his advice would be, “don’t think, just do it and reap the rewards.  From personal experience I would say if you want a course to change your life for the better in career terms, this is the College to study with.”

Tony Lea chose his Personal Fitness Trainer course because it was a home study course and not expensive, yet provided him with all the support he needs.  He chose to study with BSY because it was easy to establish over the internet, the course is broken down into manageable sections, and there is no time limit to finish the course.  He is very happy with the good feed back that he receives from the BSY team.  This encourages and motivates him to study hard, and his course has inspired him to change his career.  Future courses he would like to study include Sports Injuries, Nutrition and Sports Massage.

Someone who leads a frenetic life style is Martin Fraser.  He wanted to use his Fitness Training to lead to future employment post retirement and found that the flexibility and cost effectiveness of studying with BSY was ideal for him.  He thinks that his training will increase his marketability in the health industry, which is where he sees his future career.   To anyone thinking of studying with BSY, he says that it is the best medium for studying if you have a busy lifestyle.

Click here to find out more about Fitness Training with BSY, or call on Freephone 0800 731 9271 to speak to our tutors and advisors.

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Choosing from the selection of BSY fitness courses

BSY sports and fitness courses include subjects such as Chi Kung, which is the underlying practice for Tai Chi and Kung Fu; Gym Instructor which gives you a foundation in the principles of fitness and health; and Sports Psychology which includes lessons on self-motivation and positive belief strategies.  We asked some of our students for their opinions of our subjects.  By reading their feedback, it may help you decide if studying with BSY is something you would be interested in doing too.

Ash Elphick chose his course as he ‘would like to add extra qualifications to my CV and also give myself a profession to be able to do part time’.  Ash chose to study with BSY as ‘their helpline and website seemed very professional, friendly and successful’.  Thinking about his most recent course, Ash has been most happy with ‘the results and feedback I have been receiving – also how fast the results and packs are delivered’.  Ash would tell people who may like to study with BSY to ‘go for it, it’s excellent, helpful, friendly and easy to arrange in your own time.  One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.’  Ash agrees that ‘studying with BSY is enjoyable’ and ‘studying with BSY is convenient’.

Michael Elliott thought about his current subject of study and explained that he has been most happy with ‘the simplicity, how self-explanatory everything is, how neat and tidy the material is’.  In future, Michael would consider studying the ‘gym instructor course and anything else really as they are all enjoyable’.  To those who may be thinking of studying with BSY, Michael would say ‘do it!  It’s really well laid out, self explanatory, you get all the help you need – not that you would need it.  And each piece of work you get comes with stuff that motivates you.’  Michael agrees that he ‘would recommend BSY to a friend’ and that ‘BSY courses are excellent value for money’.

BSY gives students the opportunity to study from the comfort of their own home, with tutor help, support and encouragement available by phone, email or post.

If these comments have made you interested in studying with us, or you would like further information on the fitness courses available, please click on the relevant link.  Alternatively, you can contact our friendly course advisors on Freephone 0800 731 9271 to discuss the course and ask any questions you may have.  You can also enrol online or by phone.

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Our fitness courses can help you learn a fascinating subject at your own pace

Are you interested in fitness courses?  If so, you may be interested in learning with BSY.  You can study your chosen subject when and where you wish – giving you freedom and flexibility.  In addition, tutors are on hand to offer you support and encouragement throughout.  Many of our students have shared their feedback with us.  This can be a useful way for them to share their experiences with those who are thinking of studying with us too.

Penelope Brown took our gym instructor training.  She decided to take this one as ‘I am interested in learning about how the body works, the results and possible injuries’.  Before studying this subject, Penelope had enrolled on a BSY Yoga course.  Penelope studies with BSY because ‘I find the courses flexible with no time restraints.  I also find the courses good value for money.’  She hopes that her gym instructor learning will help her in the future to ‘gain a deeper level of understanding and knowledge of how the body performs’.  Penelope ‘would always advocate home study as it’s flexible around a busy schedule’.  She also agrees that she would ‘recommend BSY to a friend’ and that it is ‘excellent value for money’.

Sasha Von Rappard enrolled on the personal fitness trainer subjects.  Sasha feels that it is ‘excellent’.  He continues by explaining that ‘I am a father of two and need to work full time to provide for my family – and thanks to BSY, I can do the course in my own time’.  Sasha says that he has been most happy ‘with the customer service most of all.  Very helpful.’  Sasha feels that it is excellent value for money and he would recommend BSY training to a friend.

For more details of our fitness courses please click on the link to visit our range of training on the subject.

As well as this topic, we offer many other subjects of study – over 300 – that can be learnt.  One such topic is Advanced Crystal Healing.  This was a subject enrolled on by Maria Nickisson.  She feels that ‘they are excellent value and a no pressure approach.  You can complete the course in your own time and at your own speed.’  Maria has already completed the Crystal Healing subject so the advanced one was the next step.  Maria explains that she has been most happy with ‘the fact that my marked work is generally returned in one week with positive comments’.  Please visit our Advanced Crystal Healing web page for more details.

You can contact our advisors by phone if you would like more information on the subjects we offer, or how you can study with us.  Please call Freephone 0800 731 9271 or 01409 220 400.

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