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BSY’s Reflexology Course

BSY’s Reflexology Course is part of the vast range of complementary therapy subjects that they offer.  Many students choose to study Reflexology to add to their other qualifications, usually so that they can increase the range of treatments that they offer their customers.

This was exactly the reason that Susan Southern selected her Reflexology Course.  She already had a range of qualifications, including Aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage and wanted to add Reflexology to the treatments she already offers at her Beauty Salon.  She said that she found it hard to find a local college where she could study the subject on its own.  She also chose BSY so that she could study in her own time, and commented that she was happy with all aspects of her course, ranging from the practical training to the course content.    She then went on to study Acupressure, and commented that she had not yet decided which one she was going to study next as “there are so many to choose from.  There will definitely be more.”  She added, “it is an excellent way to get new qualifications.”

Melanie Missenden has studied BSY’s Advanced Reflexology Course, plus other subjects, including Reflexology Vibrational Medicine, Acupressure and Acupuncture, and Tibetan Buddist Meditation.  She said that BSY offer good courses for professional development at a very high standard.  She would also like to study Nutrition – The Scientific Approach, Aromatherapy and Herbal Natural Products, Hypnotherapy, Meditation Teacher, Yoga and Pilates.  She said that she initially chose to study with BSY because is a long established, well renowned body whose name is well known around the world, and is respected, leading to a good qualification one can be proud of.  She added that the tutor support is first class and the college is always there to support the student.  Melanie said that she was happy with the amount of work the course requires.   She added that to achieve a pass a good level of research is required, ensuring that the student knows their subject.  In the future, she thinks that her studies will help her to expand her complementary therapy business.  She said, “it has opened my mind and expanded my knowledge, helped me to focus and become a better therapist, made me able to communicate more clearly with my clients on their health and issues they have.  Due to the recent courses I have taken and am studying at BSY, I have greater professional respect, that has led to opportunities to work at my local doctor’s surgery and helped develop my business.

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Nutrition Training for BSY students leads to a healthier diet

One of the benefits of Nutrition training with BSY is that not only does it enable our students to help their clients, but it can also enable them to improve their own diets, giving them a greater understanding of food and how our bodies use it.

One such student is Jill Graham.  She chose her course because of her own health issues, as well as those of her clients.  She said, “I wanted to find out how I could improve my general health without medication and give nutrition advice to my clients when appropriate.”  She added that she is a Massage and Beauty Therapist and has just undertaken training as a Doula, which provides a non-clinical support role for pregnant women before, during or after the birth, so she now only specialises in maternity care.  Jill chose to study with BSY because of the holistic approach, plus the fact that she could work at her own pace and also that the course was affordable.  She was particularly happy with the course content, and being able to work at her own pace.  She found that the tutor feedback and her own good grades gave her the confidence in her academic ability as she had never undertaken academic studies before – everything had been based on practical experience.  In fact, she has discovered that she really enjoys learning and studying so is considering enrolling on a Meditation course in the future.

Fatima Hassan decided on Nutrition training as she feels that nutrition is so important for good health.  She feels that her qualification will complement her current Reiki practice.  She said that she chose BSY because they seem to be widely recognised and she considered that it provided the best option for distance learning, with flexibility over time to complete the course.  She said that she liked the presentation and content of the course materials, and the helpfulness of the tutors and the staff.  She added, “the little gifts returned with the assignments are a nice touch.”

Someone else who is interested in working with people to improve their diets, fitness and lifestyles, either as a nutritionist or as a fitness trainer, is Anne Lewis.  She decided to combine her  Nutrition training with a Clinical Personal Fitness Trainer course.  She chose to study with BSY as they had relevant courses in the subjects she was interested in, and also because the tutor she spoke to on the phone was very  helpful and knowledgeable.  She was also happy with the subject matter and found the assignments interesting, and said that studying with BSY had inspired her to start her own business very soon, probably specialising in Lifestyle Management

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Which Massage Course to choose

When deciding which Massage Course to do with BSY, you will find that there is a great selection to choose from.  You may want a Massage qualification to compliment your existing skills, for example you may be a Personal Fitness Trainer, or run your own complementary therapy business.  Or maybe it is something that you have found beneficial for yourself, and would like to find out more.

Chloe Ewen decided to study Aromatherapy.  She said that she chose this because it was an NCFE accredited course, and also because it was interesting and relevant to her future career as she intends starting her own Aromatherapy business.  Her decision was also made because practical training was available.  She said that she wanted to study by distance learning to fit in with her family commitments, and she found the BSY advisor very helpful on the telephone.  She commented that one aspect of her training that she found particularly useful was learning about suggested aromatherapy blends to use for various conditions, which clarified a lot of information for her.  In future, she would like to study aromatherapy for specialist conditions.

After talking to a tutor at BSY, Christine Low decided to enrol on a Sports Massage Course as it complimented her qualifications in Advanced Reflexology and Advanced Aromatherapy.  She chose to study with BSY as it appeared to be a well established organisation and she would receive a recognised qualification.  In particular, she was happy with the content of the course, and said that she found the practical training day invaluable.  Like Chloe, Christine intends starting her own Aromatherapy business, and she also intends using her Reflexology skills.  In future she intends taking an Indian Head Massage Course, which will further enhance her skills.  Her advice to anyone thinking of studying with BSY is to talk to the tutors if they are unsure about anything, as the tutors are very approachable and helpful.

Edwina Farrell chose to enrol on BSY’s Advanced Aromatherapy Course because she said that it contained indepth knowledge and it was the best price available.  She added, “I also like that there was no time limit to complete it in, and can be done at my pace – very important.”  She said that she would like to study Reiki and Beauty treatments in the future and felt that she would continue with further courses to advance herself and to better her job prospects.  She added that studying with BSY leads to good qualifications, and is convenient to fit into the busiest of lifestyles.

For more information why not visit our website Alternatively, call Freephone 0800 731 9271 and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable tutors

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