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Meditation Teacher Course

Meditation Teacher

Practitioner level 3

By successfully completing this course, you will:

  • Gain skills and knowledge to become a Meditation Teacher
  • Be awarded the professional BSY Diploma
  • Become a Registered BSY Meditation Teacher
  • Be awarded the Level 3 ABC externally validated Certificate*

You can study this course from the comfort of your own home; in your own time and at your own pace; with helpful support and encouragement from our friendly tutors.

It has been proved that regular practice of meditation has tremendous benefits for people.  Quite apart from stress relief, meditation can bring about deep fundamental change in very positive ways – increased creativity and self-confidence to name but two.  We are now beginning to see the introduction of meditation practice into schools and the workplace.  This course will equip you to embark on a satisfying career as a meditation teacher.


  • Lesson One
    • What is Meditation?
      • Introduction
      • Doing and Being
      • Posture and Breathing
      • Thoughts
  • Lesson Two
    • Getting Started
      • Learning to Relax
      • Passive and Focused Relaxation
      • Grounding
      • Closing Down
      • Negative and Positive Energy
  • Lesson Three
    • Meditation Techniques/Emotions
      • Body Awareness Meditation
      • Inner Sanctuary Meditation
      • By the Sea
      • In the Clouds
      • Mantras
      • Music
      • Body response
      • Negative Feelings
      • Positive Feelings
  • Lesson Four
    • Meditation Techniques (Continued)
      • Learning to Open the Eyes
      • Object Meditation – a Rose
      • Crystals
      • Cleansing and Charging New Crystals
      • Candles
      • Mini Meditations
      • The Sharing of Experiences
  • Lesson Five
    • Maintaining our Practice
      • Resistance
      • Being Aware of Resistance in Others
      • Physical Discomfort and Pain
      • Other Reasons People Use to Avoid Meditation
      • Naming
  • Lesson Six
    • Meditation in the Classroom
      • Benefits to Children
      • Body Awareness
      • Concentration and Learning to Focus
      • Persuading Children to Meditate
      • Meditation with Young Children (5-8 yrs)
      • Focusing on the Breath
      • Meditation with Middle School Children (9-12 yrs)
      • Discipline
      • Teaching adolescents
      • Grounding and Closing Down
      • Teaching Children Compassion
      • Loving kindness
  • Lesson Seven
    • Meditation in the Workplace/Starting your Practice
      • Planning a Session
      • Meditation Action Plan
      • Staying in Control
      • Developing Spiritually
      • Sending Healing

No practical training is required to complete this course.

Enrol on this course from £70 £50

There are two ways you can enrol on this course. You can:

  • Pay with a deposit of £70 £50, followed by 11 monthly instalments of £25
  • or
  • Pay the total course fee of £345 £325 in one sum and also receive a special gift from our selection – free

To enrol by phone, please call our friendly course advisors on Freephone 0800 731 9271 – Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

*ABC registration is essential with this course at any time during the studies. Registration fee of £20 applies. Full details on request.

BSY is very good and the courses are excellent you are always willing to help... And I am more confident now and it is all down to BSY. Thank you.
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