Students enrol on Counselling Courses to enhance their skills

One fascinating facet of studying Counselling is the tremendous variety of courses available to choose from.  These range from Mediation, Journal Therapy or Psycho-Compatibility Therapy, through to Developing Active Listening Skills, Family Therapy and Rational Emotive Therapy.  Any one of these subjects provides the counsellor with enhanced skills and a great array of knowledge with which to help their clients.

 Sarah Manning explained to us that when she had gained a counselling qualification in the past she had particularly enjoyed the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy aspect, and decided that she wanted to study the subject further to enhance her existing skills and knowledge.  She investigated using the internet and then her choice was further influenced by the reasonable cost.  Once she had started her studies, she commented that she was happy with the feedback that she received from her tutors, and also the speed with which her assignments were returned to her.  She feels that her new additional skills will provide her with extra knowledge which she can use for a variety of situations in her existing job, and commented that choosing one of BSY’s Counselling Courses has enhanced her existing career as a Counsellor.  In future, Sarah said that she would like to explore further areas in counselling or psychology, for example social psychology and other holistic therapy courses.  She would advise anyone who is thinking of studying with BSY to research the courses that available and to find one that suits them.  She said that they should do it sooner rather than later as the courses are delivered to suit the needs of the learner, and added that the feedback from the tutors is really helpful.

 Frederic Guerault on the other hand decided to enrol on one of the BSY Counselling Courses to give him a first view of the subject.  He said that he was interested in changing his profession, and chose to study Basic Counselling Skills as he was looking for a career which was more suitable for his personality.  He said that he chose to study with BSY after doing his research using the internet where he found very good reviews.  He added that he also thought that the payment facilities were very attractive.  When asked what he was most happy with, he said the organisation and the availability of his tutor, and also the administration.  He said that he thought he had definitely found his ideal career, and would like to study the advanced course in the future.  His advice to anyone thinking of studying with BSY is that they need to take the time to study at home (or at the library).  He added that he had finally found what he really wants to do work-wise.

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