Finding Fitness Courses to suit you

The range of Sport and Fitness Courses available from BSY offers a great variety to choose from.  Choices range from Mid-Section Trainer to Pilates and from Chi Kung to Gym Instructor.  One factor that all of these courses have in common is that exercise is good for us and it can make us feel good too.  It relieves stress and tension in the body, which is good for us both physically and mentally, and can improve heart and lung function, along with other physical benefits.

Having already studied the Alexander Technique and Sports Injuries, Adele Page decided that she wanted to continue her professional development by studying BSY’s Clinical Personal Fitness Trainer course.  She said that she found that open learning is the best option for her.  Many students comment on how convenient they find studying with BSY, often fitting learning in with being a busy mother, or having a job where they work long hours.  The fact that there are no deadlines means that students can work at their own pace, without the pressures of deadlines and fixed examination dates.  Adele commented on the wide and varied range of courses available with BSY, and the fact that some of the courses are not available elsewhere.  In future, she would like to complement her qualifications by studying Sports Nutrition.

Evelyn Spence also chose to study with BSY.  She elected to train as a Clinical Personal Fitness Trainer so that she can continue her instructing along the GP referral route.  She too chose to study with BSY because she could study at home, and at her own pace.  She said that she was impressed by the good, quick feedback that she received.  In the future she wants to work with clients on referral schemes from their doctor.  As a first time student with BSY, she said that to anyone thinking of studying with BSY she would say that it is worthwhile and gives you more knowledge.

Melissa Rayner enrolled to study to be a Personal Fitness Trainer.  She said that she chose this from BSY’s Fitness Courses because she believed that she could do it better than the people she employed!  She runs one hour bootcamp sessions, plus day and weekend fitness camps for women.  She enrolled because studying with BSY suited her time wise.  She commented that she has a small baby, and studying is often done between 5am and 6am.  In the future, she is considering studying Yoga and Pilates courses, and to anyone thinking of studying with BSY, her advice is “go for it!”

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