Counselling Training can make a world of difference

For many BSY students, deciding to undergo Counselling Training is a logical step as they are already being confided in by family and friends, and they have found that they have a natural ability to listen, combined with a desire to help.

This was exactly what happened to Ami Gallacher.  She said that she chose BSY’s Basic Counselling Skills course because, “I have a good understanding of how people struggle to cope in their times of need.  I have very good listening and speaking skills, and wanted to make a career with a skill I have as well as an interest in how people perceive the world.”  She said that she chose to study with BSY as they have a fantastic reputation.  She found that the courses are affordable and reachable for someone like her.  She has four young children so obviously does not have much time in the day, so distance learning was an ideal choice for her.  Previously, she had studied BSY’s Psychic Development course, and now with her new combination of skills she has moved into a career of Psychic Counselling.  She is now thinking about her future training, which might cover Bereavement, Depression Management, Alcohol and Drug Counselling, Cognitive-Synesthic Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, any one of which would provide her with useful additional skills which would only enhance the service that she is able to offer to her clients.  When asked what advice she would give to anyone thinking of studying with BSY, she said that they should give it a try as they would receive excellent support and advice, as well as the opportunity to expand their skills and to work at a pace that suits them – there’s no pressure.

Other students have benefited from being able to talk to a therapist themselves, and want to learn more about it.  Kirsty Pritchard received bereavement counselling herself and decided that as it had been so beneficial she wanted to give something back and to help other people.  She also thought that her qualification would come in useful for her long term plan of opening a complementary and holistic services clinic.  She added that she thought her course might help her in the future to “provide counselling to others and is an important part of my long term business plan,” and has in fact moved into holistic and complementary therapy. She found studying at home to be very convenient, which was important to her as she is a disabled student with health issues.  She is now thinking about what course she will study next, possibly Stress Management.

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