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Why BSY students recommend our Counselling Training

Although there are various different courses which come under the umbrella of counselling training, students all have one thing in common – a desire to help people to understand their problems and to live a better life.  Many BSY counselling students will already have some experience, perhaps from working within the voluntary sector, and then find that they want to increase their knowledge and gain qualifications.  Shoshana Zimmer said that she chose her course because “human relationships and interactions are of a real interest to me and I feel I have the capacity to assist others.”  She feels that her course will help her in the future to assist others with difficult stages of their lives, and she hopes to continue developing her studies and working in the field on a practical level.  Among other various subjects, in the future Shoshana would like to study Anger and Aggression Management and Family Therapy.  She said, “I highly recommend the courses!  They are varied, interesting, inspiring and thought provoking!  I wish I had time to take all of the courses on offer!”

Vivian Turner decided to enrol on a counselling training course with BSY as she works for a rehabilitation clinic.  She is studying Alcohol Dependency and also Psychology and Treatment of Alcoholism.  She said, “at the moment, therapy and nursing are two different working areas.  By completing these two courses, I hope to work better across the two areas, as a Nurse/Therapist.”  Like Shoshan, she would also like to study other related courses, for example bereavement and family therapy.  Her advice to anyone considering studying with BSY is not to hesitate.  She said, “try to study something that you have an interest in, or could help with your career.  You have the freedom of studying in your time, support of tutors, prompt return of your work, and well worth the money.”

As a previous student with BSY, Kate Kee wanted to add to her qualifications by enrolling for Advanced Counselling Training.  She decided to study NLP at the same time, commenting that “the addition of these courses to my qualifications will make my business more ‘rounded’ and ensure my clients get good value for money!”  Since qualifying with BSY she has started her own Animal Assisted Therapy which is now thriving.   In future she would also like to study Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and commented that she feels that she will be a ‘lifelong’ student.

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