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Yoga Intermediate – Part 1

Professional Development/Personal Achievement

By successfully completing this course, you will:

  • Gain skills and knowledge to expand an existing practice, as a foundation qualification towards further studies, or for personal interest
  • Be awarded the BSY Professional Certificate of Merit

You can study this course from the comfort of your own home; in your own time and at your own pace; with helpful support and encouragement from our friendly tutors.

Course overview

The more you embrace Yoga, the more you will feel its benefits in your daily life. The course guides you progressively through movements and postures to energise the body and rejuvenate the spirit.  The postures are designed to develop flexibility, suppleness, inner awareness and controlled relaxation of the mind and body. This course guides you further into the creation of mental, emotional and physical harmony.


  • Lesson One
    • Introduction
    • What is Yoga?
    • Learning Yoga
      • No competition
      • To Be Practical
    • Ankle Rotation and Foot Stretch
    • Exercises for Ankles, Knees and Hips
      • Knee and Thigh Stretch
      • The Rocking Cradle
      • Knee Bouncing
      • Leg Rock
      • The Leg Swing
  • Lesson Two
    • Postures
      • Counter Pose
      • Warming Up
      • Timing your Stay
      • Repeats
      • Posture Groups
    • In a Crazy Upside-down Kind of World (Inverted Postures)
      • Shoulder Stand Family
        • The Leg Raise
        • The Laid Back Version
        • The Big Leg Movements
  • Lesson Three
    • Inverted Postures Continued
      • Half Shoulder Stand
        • Variations and Extras
      • Relaxed Inversion Posture
      • The Pose of Tranquillity
      • The Head Stand Family
        • The Slope
        • The Hare
  • Lesson Four
    • The Hare (Continued)
      • An Easier Version
      • Kicking your Heels
      • The Dynamic Hare
      • More Powerful Variation
    • The Tripod Headstand (Half Position)
      • Variations of the Half Headstand
  • Lesson Five
    • Flat Out on your Back (Supine Postures)
      • The Fish
        • Very Simple Fish
        • Standard Version
        • Variation
      • The Bridge
        • Variation
      • The Great Knee Squeeze
        • Variations
  • Lesson Six
    • The Great Knee Squeeze – Variations Continued
    • Supine Twist
      • The Two-legged Version
    • Still Lying About – on your Tummy This Time
      • The Snakes
      • The Cobra
  • Lesson Seven
    • Prone Positions Continued
      • The Locust
        • Easy Locust
        • Simple Locust
        • Complete Locust
      • The Bow
  • Lesson Eight
    • Yoga Style Press-ups
      • The Puppy Dog Posture
      • The Quadruped Pose
    • Out on its Own – A Posture on its Side
      • Vishnu’s Couch
    • Sitting About
      • The Folded Up Posture
        • Simple Version
        • Standard Version
      • Alternate Head to Knee Bend
        • Easy Version
        • Standard Version
  • Lesson Nine
    • Angle Postures
      • Simple Warming Up Angle
      • Simple Angle Posture
      • The Angle
      • The Balanced Angle
    • The Seated Twists
      • A Basic Seated Twist
      • Two-Way Twist
  • Lesson Ten
    • Yoga Mudra – a Symbol of Yoga
      • The Cross-Legged Bends
      • Table Posture
    • Kneeling Down and Being on All Fours
      • The Diamond Posture
      • All Fours Posture

Practical training

No practical training is required to complete this course.