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Psychology of Self Course

Psychology of Self

Professional Development

By successfully completing this course, you will:

  • Gain skills and knowledge in the Psychology of Self to expand an existing practice, as a foundation qualification towards further studies, or for personal interest
  • Be awarded the BSY Professional Certificate of Merit

You can study this course from the comfort of your own home; in your own time and at your own pace; with helpful support and encouragement from our friendly tutors.

Who are we? What are we? Why are we here? These must be three of the oldest questions known to man.  But despite millennia of thought and reasoning, the answers can still seem elusive. Psychology, modelling itself on the physical sciences, concentrates on the empirical study of human beings, neglecting the spiritual and universal aspects of the self. This course attempts to guide you through the psychological theories of personal identity towards a deeper understanding of self and consciousness.


  • Lesson One
    • An Introduction to Psychological Theories of Personal Identity
      • Personality
      • Nature v Nurture
      • Trait Theory
      • Psychoanalytical Theories
      • Object Relations Theories
      • Jung
  • Lesson Two
    • Behaviouristic and Humanistic Perspectives on the Creation of Personality
      • Social Learning Approaches
      • Conditioning
      • Humanistic Psychology
  • Lesson Three
    • What is Consciousness?
      • Attempts at Definitions
      • Dissociation
      • Sub-Personalities
  • Lesson Four
    • The Mind/Body Problem
      • The Brain/Mind Connection
      • Psychosomatic Phenomena
      • Perception
      • Wholism
  • Lesson Five
    • Other Bodies, Other Worlds, Same Self
      • OBEs
      • Suspended Animation
      • Dreaming
      • Sense of Self
  • Lesson Six
    • Reincarnation and Other Eastern Concepts of the Self
      • Karma
      • Holism
    • Summary

No practical training is required to complete this course.

Enrol on this course from £70 £50

There are two ways you can enrol on this course. You can:

  • Pay with a deposit of £70 £50, followed by 8 monthly instalments of £25
  • or
  • Pay the total course fee of £270 £250 in one sum and also receive a special gift from our selection – free

To enrol by phone, please call our friendly course advisors on Freephone 0800 731 9271 – Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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