Healing Meditation

Level: Practitioner QLS level 3

By successfully completing this course, you will:

  • Gain skills and knowledge to practice Healing Meditation – graduates of this course can also obtain professional liability insurance
  • Receive the Certificate of Achievement at QLS Level 3*
  • Become a Registered BSY Healing Meditation Practitioner
  • Be awarded the professional BSY Diploma
  • Be eligible to become a member of AHCP (Association of Complementary Practitioners)

You can study this course from the comfort of your own home; in your own time and at your own pace; with helpful support and encouragement from our friendly tutors.

Course overview

Meditation techniques have an important place in those physical therapies where relaxation is considered desirable and have been incorporated into treatment of many kinds, so that clients may find it recommended as an adjunct to physical therapies like acupuncture or massage, as well as to any of the psychological and psychic ones.


  • Lesson One
    • Introduction to Meditation
      • The Origin and Development of Meditation
      • Benefit on the Body and Mind
      • What are the Differences between Meditation and Relaxation?
      • What Regular Meditation Can Do for You
  • Lesson Two
    • Opening Chakra Energy Through Meditation
      • The Colours of the Chakras
      • Meditating with Blue
      • The Chakra Meditation
  • Lesson Three
    • Establishing a Ritual for Meditation
      • The Time
      • The Place
      • Meditation Postures
      • Quieten the Mind
      • Mystic Sounds
  • Lesson Four
    • Meditation Using Visualisation
      • A Simple Visualisation and Breath Control
      • Morning Meditation
      • Evening Meditation
      • Candle Meditation
      • Grounding Your Self and Running Energy
  • Lesson Five
    • Meditation Using Crystals / Active Meditation
      • Choosing Your Crystal
      • Cleansing Your Crystal
      • Meditating with Your Crystal
  • Lesson Six
    • Active Meditation (Cont) / Absent Healing Meditation / Breathing in Meditation / Conclusion
      • Technique
      • Self-healing
      • Absent Healing
      • An Exercise for Being with the Breath

Practical training

No practical training is required to complete this course.

*Registration fee included.