Crystal Ball Scrying

By successfully completing this course, you will:

  • Gain skills and knowledge in Crystal Ball Scrying
  • Be awarded the New Age Foundation Certificate in Mantic Arts

You can study this course from the comfort of your own home; in your own time and at your own pace; with helpful support and encouragement from our friendly tutors.

Course overview

The practice known as scrying allows you to look into the probabilities of the future, past or present with the aid of a chosen object such as a crystal ball or pool of water. This fascinating course will enable you to understand the process of scrying, the tools and preparation needed, and how to interpret your visions.


  • Lesson One
    • Scrying, or Crystal Gazing
      • The History of Crystal Gazing
      • How Crystal Gazing Works
      • The Receptive State of Consciousness
      • Brainwaves
      • The Difficulties of Scrying
      • The Energy of Crystals
      • Working with the Moon
  • Lesson Two
    • Types of Crystal Balls
      • Quartz Crystal Balls
      • Coloured Stone Balls
      • Stone Colours and their Characteristics
      • Obsidian Crystal Balls
  • Lesson Three
    • Caring for your Crystal Ball
      • Clearing
      • Programming
      • Energising
      • Charging
      • Magnetising
    • Can you Scry?
  • Lesson Four
    • Preparation for Scrying
      • Your Environment
      • Personal Preparation
      • When to Scry
      • Care of your Tools
      • Food Consumption
    • Your Scrying Journal
      • Biorhythms
    • Beginning to Scry
      • Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique
      • Gazing
      • Closing your Scrying Session
  • Lesson Five
    • Interpretation
      • Visual Sensations
      • Colours and their Meanings
      • Symbols and their Meanings
  • Lesson Six
    • Interpretation (Continued)
      • Symbols and their Meanings (Continued)
      • Archetypes
      • Trusting your Images
      • Asking Questions
      • Fallibility
  • Lesson Seven
    • The Ten Rules of Scrying
    • Practical Applications of Scrying
  • Lesson Eight
    • Practical Applications of Scrying (Continued)
      • Exploring the Astral Plane
      • Scrying with Angels

Practical training

No practical training is required to complete this course.