Crystal Healing (Advanced)

Level: Practitioner QLS level 4

By successfully completing this course, you will:

  • Gain skills and knowledge to practice Advanced Crystal Healing – graduates of this course can also obtain professional liability insurance
  • Receive the Certificate of Achievement at QLS Level 4*
  • Become a Registered BSY Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner
  • Be awarded the professional BSY Diploma
  • Be eligible to become a member of AHCP (Association of Complementary Practitioners)

You can study this course from the comfort of your own home; in your own time and at your own pace; with helpful support and encouragement from our friendly tutors.

Course overview

In many ancient cultures the power of stones, both precious and semi-precious, was considered an intimate part of the healing process and had also a central role in spiritual and religious practices aimed at developing spiritual and physical well-being. The therapy is based on the theory that organs and cells of the body respond in particular ways to particular patterns of vibration. Each part of the body has a natural resonance and responds to vibrations in harmony with it. Dissonant vibrations, caused by poor physical or emotional health affects the frequency at which cells and tissues of the body vibrate and therapists restore and strengthen healthy frequencies by directing harmonious vibrations with the appropriate crystals. This course is designed for the student who is new to the idea of crystal healing as well as the therapist who wishes to learn more.


  • Lesson One
    • The Birth of the Solar System
      • Planet Earth
      • The Moon
  • Lesson Two
    • The Mineral Kingdom
      • Interior of the Earth
      • Density and Gravity
      • Rocks and Minerals
      • Mohs Scale
      • Crystals
      • Classification
      • Good Crystal Formation
  • Lesson Three
    • Directory of Crystals
      • Agates to Bornite
  • Lesson Four
    • Directory of Crystals (Continued)
      • Bowenite to Garnet
  • Lesson Five
    • Directory of Crystals (Continued)
      • Gold to Petrified Wood
  • Lesson Six
    • Directory of Crystals (Continued)
      • Pumice to Zircon
  • Lesson Seven
    • Crystals and Birth Signs
  • Lesson Eight
    • Glossary of Healing Crystals
  • Lesson Nine
    • Crystals for Healing / Crystal Treatments
      • Choosing your Crystals
      • Cleansing your Crystals
      • Re-charging Crystals
      • Programming Crystals
      • Programming Generator Crystals
      • Preparation
      • Clearing Technique
      • Opening and Balancing the Chakras Technique
      • Rebuilding Treatments
      • Expanding Consciousness
  • Lesson Ten
    • Crystals for Healing (Continued) / Starting Your Business
      • Systems of the Body
      • Crystal Massage
      • Absent Healing
      • Astrological Healing
      • A Healing Session
      • Attuning
      • Clearing the Aura
      • Clearing the Chakras
      • General Considerations
      • Suggested Tools of the Trade
      • Advertising
      • The Inner Work

Practical training

No practical training is required to complete this course.

*Registration fee included.