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Counselling training from BSY could lead to a new career

With BSY, you can choose to study from over 300 fascinating subjects.  One area that may be of interest to you is counselling and stress management.  Topics within this area include ‘Bullying and Harassment – The Younger Years’ and ‘Eating Disorders’.  We have received some feedback from two students who have enjoyed our counselling training.  We hope that it will provide an inspirational read to others who have joined our family of students.

If you would like to learn more about our variety of counselling training then please visit our web page.  You can also call our friendly advisors on Freephone 0800 731 9271 or 01409 220 400 if you would like to ask a question or discuss your study plans – whether you are requesting advice on our counselling training or another topic.

Lisa Summers decided to enrol on the BSY Alcohol Dependency Counselling training.  She chose to study with BSY as ‘my husband recommended them.  He is currently studying with BSY.’  Lisa has been most happy with ‘the turnaround of marked papers.  Really impressed that after only a week or so of me submitting a completed unit, I receive the marked paper back.’  In future, Lisa would like to study the Basic and Advanced Counselling Skills topics.  If someone is thinking of studying with BSY, Lisa recommends ‘that they should definitely do it as it’s such an enjoyable experience and you do it all at your own pace.  The tutors are so helpful and friendly and are really quick at marking your work so no hanging around for long periods of time.  The selection of courses is incredible, not just to help with career progression but also for personal enjoyment/development.’  Lisa agrees that she would ‘recommend BSY to a friend’ and that ‘BSY courses are excellent value for money’.

Viola Chimuka studied Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Management.  ‘I wanted to have more understanding, knowledge and skills of identifying and managing traumatic stress disorder – being helpful to patients, friends, family members, work mates, people in the community and myself.’  Viola chose to study with BSY because ‘I study at my own pace of time and the advisors are so helpful.  Studying with BSY is enjoyable and the courses are not very expensive.  Methods of payment are excellent – I don’t feel strained with finance…’  Whilst studying with BSY, Viola has been most happy with ‘how the levels and strategies have been introduced and the data have been very clear. The course deals with reality and I have expanded my understanding and skills of dealing with stressed people.’  She feels that it may help her in the future to ‘apply what I have learnt practically and do some other courses in the same category to strengthen my knowledge so that I can be more effective in stress management’.  If you are considering joining our family of students, Viola would say to ‘choose a course that you will enjoy doing and that will make a change in your life, and in other people’s lives.  The course which will give you more understanding and knowledge of certain life aspects’.

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